The CQI Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) 

The Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) works hard to unlock the potential of coffee farming women, youth and their families, promote equitable opportunities for their communities to thrive, and catalyze bold industry action toward a supply chain that works for everyone. Since the publication of The Way Forward: Accelerating Gender Equity in the Coffee Value Chain in October 2016, PGE has been gathering critical industry input, implementing long-term field projects, and building practical tools for greater understanding and engagement on the issue of gender equity in the coffee value chain.

How can you get in involved in our growing movement?

- Join Equal Origins, a network of companies, organizations, and supporters who believe in the importance of promoting greater gender and generational equity and equality in coffee farming communities around the world. You'll have access to a network of people active in gender equity, issue briefs where you can enhance your knowledge, and opportunities for further learning and engagement with PGE

- Participate in the PGE Learning and Innovation Hub and liaise with experts in the field of gender equity. You'll be able to provide input into strategies and activities for a more equitable coffee sector, learn about best practices and approaches that are having an impact, and gain valuable insights that will improve your ability to move the dial on gender and generational equity in your own company, organization, or context.

- Integrate gender in coffee metrics into your existing measurement frameworks to understand where and how your company or organization can improve your impact on gender equity or better market your activities. PGE has developed a common set of measures that are adaptable to existing frameworks and can be used across projects, countries, and contexts. 

Contact PGE to learn more about its 3-staged approach to building equitable change in the coffee sector. You can play a critical role in launching new research into generational equity in the coffee sector, support the development of field level projects or new tools to increase gender equity in your supply chain, or contribute to PGE's efforts to scale-up its impact for a broad, transformative impact in the agricultural sector worldwide.



Hanns R. NeumannStiftung (HRNS)

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung supports farming families on their way to a prosperous family life. At HRNS the work focuses on the family unit as the backbone of society. We address gender equality on household level and support  change in their traditional way of collaboration.

Our Gender Household Approach targets both women and men. It promotes agricultural production as a family business where all members benefit equally from the proceeds, because decisions are made jointly about how to increase and invest farm income.

How to get involved in HRNS gender work?

Taking gender-focused action in a changing climate: As implementer of the initiative for coffee&climate (c&c) ( we are expanding the work of c&c with a gender-focused climate component. Because one of the most impactful ways to promote sustainable development in coffee households and producer communities is to drive change for women!

Thus, we are convinced that gender programming needs to be incorporated into any support strategies of NGOs, roasters, traders and government services for effectively addressing climate change in particular at the level of farm households and rural communities. As there are 20 million farmer families producing coffee there are also 20 million women that are ready to perform their role.

c&c is, therefore, expanding the gender-focused climate component. While we are looking forward to engaging with the producer families, communities and farmer organizations we would also like to open up the intervention and invite like-minded partners to cooperate, to jointly gain new experiences and to learn together how to collectively improve. Knowledge will be systematized and documented as case studies or tools to be shared sector-wide via the coffee&climate toolbox.

Currently, there is a great opportunity to leverage every invested contribution by three with the support of public partner funds from the Swedish International Development Agency.

To learn more about HRNS work please visit